London Calling Will: New Life Breathed into the Badassery of Shakespeare

I’m going on record as an official fan of the new Will series. I was skeptical. I generally avoid overly promoted commercialized versions of beloved works, authors and studies. But, yes, the series had me at “London Calling.” Then it had me again with this seriously sexy-twisted version of Christopher Marlowe, who, I’ll admit, is my preferred writer between the two. Of course, just having returned from a visit to the rebuilt Globe, it all feels especially immediate.

If you haven’t given Will a try yet, go ahead. You will be pleasantly surprised, and if you are a Bard and Clash aficionado, you’ll be creatively jolted. More to come on this soon. 

*Do yourself a favor. If you are stuffed and unyielding history and Shakespeare buff, the kind that constantly points out the historical inconsistencies of Baz Luhrman’s Romeo + Juliet, and so on, please skip this series. You’ll not likely like it and the rest of us won’t like you. However, if you are in the camp of Shakespeare and his plays as a progressive experiment in truly classic and changeable experiences, you’ll be at home.

Thank you, TNT and Craig Pearce.

About Will (Imdb)

A drama about the lost years of young William Shakespeare after his arrival to London in 1589 — when theatre was like rock and roll and a young man with a dream changed the world with his words.
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