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Julie Marie Wade

New Mother

You cannot go back.  Leah had sketched the words on every scrap of paper, every grocery list, even the coupons she handed over at the store, the newspapers she bound with string and set out for recycling.  They, too, bore her new mantra beneath the bylines—four words from a soft-tipped ...

Disappearing in Goethe House: Johann’s Sleep

No matter how long a journey is, and though it begins with eagerness and excitement, my heart aches the night before going back home for the narrow streets I had walked on for many days; the harmony of the unknown language, stores, coffees and restaurants, the rustle of women’s skirts ...
"New Green Blueberries in the Wildlife Habitat Garden" by Rachel Ford James is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

A Tiny Green Blueberry

A tiny green blueberry. Crunchy. It’s eaten by mistake. It was mixed in that package of frozen berries that I’ll pretty much eat by the pound. I poured a handful of the frozen berries into my glass and poured two shots of vodka on it. This makes the alcohol sweeten ...
"Jimmy The Iceman Cometh: All heating and cooking is done with coal oil in the FSA (Farm Security Administration) housing project. Hartford, Connecticut. September 1941." by polkbritton is marked under CC PDM 1.0. To view the terms, visit

The Iceman

About 1937. We had a large card with numbers on it which we put in the window to tell the iceman we wanted ice. The number on top of the card showed him what size block to bring in. When our ice was just about all gone, we put the card ...
Developmentally Editing Characters in Eight Steps

Developmentally Editing Characters in Eight Steps

Eight steps for developmentally editing characters. 1. Make a character list... 2. Identify frequency... 3. Code characters... 4. Amalgamate main characters... 5. Amalgamate secondary characters... 6. Give divine introductions... 7. Create character timelines... 8. Repeat ...
"[mb] Tinnitus" by Merrick Brown is licensed with CC BY-NC-SA 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit


The first time was in the fifth grade, where I sat in the back of the room, with a large window behind me. One late-winter day, I heard a shrill whistling. Startled, I made a dramatic jump to the window. While not outgoing, I liked getting attention, and I got ...
"Writing words.." by _StaR_DusT_ is licensed with CC BY-NC 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit


When I was nineteen, I moved to Montreal both for school and in the hope that the city would be for me what Paris was for the Lost Generation. That moveable feast, to quote Hemingway; that Babylon to be revisited, to quote Fitzgerald instead. Unlike Hemingway or Fitzgerald, I wasn't ...
"Anxiety" by kevin dooley is licensed with CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

The Gift of Pain

I was in Pasadena, California, looking after a cat for a friend of mine. What I had initially embraced as a writing retreat quickly became a nightmare. I was trying to write at a desk in the living room when my back went into spasm, causing me worrying pain. Trying ...
"IMG_7554 Vincent Van Gogh. 1853-1890. Paris. Chaumes de Cordeville à Auvers sur Oise. 1890. Paris Orsay." by jean louis mazieres is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

The Louvre at Twelve Miles an Hour

In fall 1985, I was sitting on a bench at the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam staring at his View of Auvers, 1890. There were tears in my eyes, causing a young woman seated next to me to whisper to me, “It’s wonderful to see a man so moved by ...

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We accept previously unpublished and polished prose up to 8,000 words year round, unless announced otherwise.  We accept essays and poetry, too. No multiple submissions but simultaneous is fine as long as you withdraw the submission asap through the submissions system. During the summer and winter months, we run our Writers Are Readers, Too, fundraiser when submissions are open only to subscribers. During the fall and spring, we open submissions for regular, unsolicited submissions. Submit 

Join us for creative writing workshops in fiction, essay, poetry and more.

WRITING WORKSHOPS | Fiction, Poetry, Essays & More

Writing Workshops

Writing Violence in Literary Fiction and Creative Nonfiction: Are Your Violent Scenes Essential or Gratuitous?

Writing Violence in Literary Fiction and Creative Nonfiction: Are Your Violent Scenes Essential or Gratuitous?

How do we transcend the cliched and gratuitous fight scene when writing violence? How do we create a scene that will engage smart readers in critical, aware and rigorous ways? ...
One on One Workshops | Fiction, Essay, Prose Poetry, Rae Bryant

One on One Creative Writing Workshop

Welcome to the One on One Creative Writing Workshop. Thank you for trusting us with your words. We look forward to reading your creative writing: fiction, short story, short short ...
The Novel: From Start to Finish

The Novel: From Start to Finish

Create Unforgettable Characters. Unforgettable characters are the heart of an unforgettable narrative. Using a number of guided structural and narrative explorations, you will explore your characters and ask your characters ...
[Em]Powering the Self Workshop: Fiction, Poetry, Creative Nonfiction and Hybrid Narratives

[Em]Powering the Self Workshop: Fiction, Poetry, Creative Nonfiction and Hybrid Narratives

Welcome to the "Evolving Origins Workshop." In this course you will explore how progressive experiences with cultures, both your own and others, inform your writing voice. You'll add additional "writing ...
Magic Realism Writing Workshop

Magic Realism Writing Workshop

Magic Realism is the sweet spot between realism and the fantastic. In this course, you will read short works and excerpts from foundational magic realism authors such as Virginia Woolf, ...
The Undead Workshop: Coming Soon...

The Undead Workshop: Coming Soon…

We will read and view excerpts of undead works such as Zombie Survival Guide, World War Z, Pride, Prejudice and Zombies, Day of the Dead, The Walking Dead and more ...

The Eckleburg Workshops: Online Writing Workshops

Eckleburg offers noncredit online writing workshops in fiction, poetry, essays, short stories, the novel and more. The writing workshops are intended for writers who want to focus on craft in an encouraging, professional, diverse environment. 

All writing workshops are work-at-your-own-pace. When you are ready for individualized feedback—developmental edits, line edits and endnotes—submit your work. Our instructors have graduate degrees and professional publication experience in their writing workshop focuses and are happy to meet participants at whatever writing stage and focus participants find themselves. Participants may complete assignments anytime. We are open to English-speaking and writing participants both locally and globally and encourage gender and cultural diversity with a focus on historically marginalized voices.

Our instructors are award-winning and published authors and hold degress from/taught at the Iowa Writers Workshop, Iowa’s International Writing Program, Johns HopkinsYale, BrownHarvardColumbiaNew SchoolNew York UniversitySUNY, Portland, San Diego State University, New York University, Bennington, the University of Illinois at Chicago, Loyola University Chicago, the University of Oregon and more. They live in Washington D.C., New York, Chicago, Ankara, San Diego, LA and Denver. Several of them are award-winning and with books out. They have been interviewed and published in The Paris Review,  The New YorkerAtlantic Monthly, McSweeney’sThe RumpusThe Nervous BreakdownThe New York Times, Salonand more. What our instructors share is an eye for innovative storytelling with solid narrative structure as well as a focus on personal voice. Learn more about our individual instructors. More Questions? Visit our FAQs Page.


Each work has its own strengths and needs, successes and focus areas. I approach each new work with an eye toward individual voice so that the work can take on a life of its own that focuses on your intentions. Below, you’ll find a link for submission guidelines and submitting your manuscript. As we move through your work, we’ll look at the following:

    • What is the intention for the work, as communicated on the page and as is essential to the main characters?
    • What is the authentic voice of the narrator, and how can this be brought out thoroughly and to the work’s best interest?
    • What is your authentic voice and how can this be coupled with the needs of the narrative voice?
    • Developmentally, how can the character arcs and the overall narrative be brought to fuller realization?
    • Linguistically, how does the cadence, syntax and repetition in language support the overall artistry of the piece? 
    • Mechanically, are the choices being made in the overall best interest of the authentic narrative voice?
    • What can be strengthened from word choice and comma usage?

Thank you for joining us at The Eckleburg Workshops. I promise to honor your hard work and talents.

How intensive is the Eckleburg Writing Workshops schedule?

You will be able to log in and complete the weekly writing prompts, readings, discussion prompts, etc. as it best fits into your schedule, whether you are at home or traveling. The online visual structure of the course makes it easy to read and respond via your desktop, laptop and smartphone.  Submit work for individualized feedback when it is convenient for you and your project.

How do I register for the Eckleburg Writing Workshops?

Begin by clicking on the workshop link you would like to take. Next, click on the CART link and you will be taken to the payment portal where you can pay by credit card or Paypal. You can CANCEL at anytime with a click. 

The Eckleburg Gallery

eckleburg gallery

eckleburg gallery

About The Eckleburg Gallery

Since 2010, we have been an online, print and pop up gallery space for contemporary and international artists, including event installations in Washington D.C., New York, Chicago, Boston and more. We seek to share provocative art forms in all media through intimate, intellectual moments in which aesthetics and ideas entwine. We are committed to providing artists an international platform to explore voice, context and form in canvas, sculpture, performance, digital media, intermedia, video, technology and more. We encourage all aesthetics with gender and diversity awareness. 


Send us a link for your online portfolio that includes all the works (at least 3, 10 or more is better) that you would like us to consider. You can also send a 100 to 200 word bio. If accepted, we will request attached, high resolution jpegs of the chosen works. Submit Here. We look forward to viewing your work.