The Undead Workshop: Coming Soon…

We will read and view excerpts of undead works such as Zombie Survival GuideWorld War ZPride, Prejudice and ZombiesDay of the DeadThe Walking Dead and more. We will also use some of my favorite writing and craft techniques tailored to bringing out the best in your character-based fiction.

Writing Goals

  • To identify, read and view exemplary works of the undead as foundational studies to creating your own;
  • To generate new drafts of work with a focus on the undead and dystopia settings with a focus on character-based narrative and detailed setting;
  • To provide critical feedback on work so you can revise and make it as strong as it can be;
  • To help you further strengthen your knowledge of form and to provide you with the environment to better understand your individual voice so you can apply this to future works;
  • To help you learn and improve on the techniques of writing and self-editing so that you are aware of your preferred forms and boundaries and be able to consider how you might push your preferred forms into your best craft.