Ukrainian Au Pair

smoke             cinder                           ash dye job from hell calls Putin “Daddy” spellbinding back tat– a forest of impossibly tall trees with dark squid-like branches loves Billie “Eyelash” possesses                   a wicked                                    left hook

Cloud Corporation

They lock you up and feed you clouds. Cumulus candy puffs. Cirrostratus and Nimbostratus gummies. You float on delicious filaments. So much wonder. Silvery minnows of the mind. Nets for the careless. Stippled with black floaters.

Ophelia in Aspic

she is under the rice fingers poking up through the water playing air piano   are fish allowed to swim the paddies?   they should be flashes of koi gold among rich green   every hillside a rice aquarium   with jazzy flowing fish and rice fit for a Sumo wrestler   who secretly yearns …

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We are now accepting previously unpublished works. Please submit 1 – 5 poems as separate files in separate submissions. Please do not submit them all on one document. Submit. Note: We consider works that appeared in print, online magazines, public forums, and public access blogs as being published. Rarely do we accept anything already published and then only by solicitation. Once the piece is published in Eckleburg, the author is welcome to re-publish the work anywhere and everywhere. In these cases, we ask that the original publication be credited each time to The Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Review.

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We publish short works at The Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Review. At this time, we do not publish novel, long memoir, essay collections, story collections or poetry collections at The Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Review. We do offer manuscript workshops at The Eckleburg Workshops. If you are looking to place a manuscript, we can suggest several excellent small and large presses whose excellent books are promoted through our Eckleburg Book Club — i.e., Random House, Graywolf Press, Coffeehouse, Tinhouse, St. Martins Press and more.