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About The Eckleburg Gallery

Since 2010, the Eckleburg Gallery is an online, print and pop up gallery space for contemporary and international artists, including event installations in Washington D.C., New York, Chicago, Boston and more. We seek to share provocative art forms in all media through intimate, intellectual moments in which aesthetic and ideas entwine. We are committed to providing artists an international platform to explore form and context in canvas, sculpture, performance, digital media, video, technology and more. We encourage all aesthetics with gender and diversity awarenesses. We also like feminist cowboys.

Submit your portfolio. We look forward to viewing your work.

Gallery | Visual & Intermedia

Send us a link for your online portfolio that includes all the works (at least 3, 10 or more even better) that you would like us to consider for the Gallery. You can also send a 100 to 200 word bio. If accepted, we will request attached, high resolution jpegs of the chosen works. Gallery submissions currently closed.

Music, Film and Arts Commentary | Send a YouTube link via email along with a short 100 to 200 word bio. The submissions link is below.

Music, Film & Intermedia

Send us a YouTube link of your video and a bio. Performance submissions currently closed.