The Novel: From Start to Finish

Welcome to “The Novel: From Start to Finish” at The Eckleburg Workshops. In this course, we will explore drafting your novel and revising voice, detail, characters, place and texture. In the final unit, “Unit 6: Queries, Synopsis & [RE]Search,” we will review the processes of submitting to agents and publishers.

When you register for this course, each course unit will begin with Lesson No. 1. Each subsequent day, a new lesson per unit will be made available to you so that you can pick and choose on which course unit you wish to focus first. We do recommend following the given structure; however, you may have already completed significant work in one or more areas of your novel manuscript and would like to focus elsewhere.

When you have work you would like reviewed, submit and register for your specific word count and your chosen faculty member. That faculty member will read and provide written, individualized notes with a focus on developmental needs, line edits and overall impressions. After you receive your notes, your faculty editor will be ready and available to discuss notes and directions regarding your work with you.