Gertrude Stein Award 2014 Finalists

The Gertrude Stein Award in Fiction
The Gertrude Stein Award in Fiction

We are very pleased to announce our Gertrude Stein Award Finalists for 2014. Our 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will be chosen from this list. Our decisions were very difficult. We received many talented submissions and each submission received attention from multiple readers. The 1st place winner will receive a cash prize of $1000 plus publication in Eckleburg No. 19. 2nd and 3rd place winners will be published in Eckleburg No. 19.

Our guest judge for the Gertrude Stein Award 2014 is the awarded author, Cris Mazza, whose new hybrid memoir, Something Wrong with Her, is out now with Jaded Ibis Press.

The following list of finalists are alphabetical by author’s last name.

Winterriese Sara Baker
Peaches Sarah Gerard
Anonymity of Faces Kirk Glaser
Insecticide Rachel Goldman
The Birds on Peach Street Anabel Graff
Rhonda Belle and the Butterfly Chad Halliday
Down the Street that Lady Comes Robert Krantz
Passed Into the Fire of Molech Hunter Liguore
People in Jail Linda McCullough Moore
A Song Died Andrew McLinden
Waterhead Terry Mergenthal
The White Envelope Sophie Monatte
Another Man’s Wife Nicole Mullis
The Letters of Odysseus to Kalypso Zana Previti
Gods Vernon Pua
Song of the Amputee’s Mother Shanee Stepakoff
Things You Can’t Forget Sara Taylor
Fruit Loops Alice Urchin
The Rooms We Rented Robert Vaughan
Violins Luke Wiget
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