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Glorious Plague by Karen Heuler

What if the apocalypse strikes, and it’s beautiful? When a virus leaps the species barrier in Glorious Plague, by Karen Heuler, people all over New York and New Jersey start singing and climbing to the rooftops, to the bridges, to lamp post and road sign, steeple and water tower, singing gloriously, triumphantly, tirelessly—and dying. When it’s all over, Manhattan has to rebuild a new society, and it seems to be having a lot of help in the form of angels, gods, and walking myths. What’s real? And does it really matter? It does to Dale, searching for her missing daughter, and to Omar, an entomologist searching for the cure, if there is one, with little interest from those in the grip of the new order.

This quirky and smart postapocalyptic novel works brilliantly”–Publishers Weekly


Purchasing Information

eBook ISBN: 978-1-61868-1-775
Trade Paperback ISBN: 978-1-61868-1-768
eBook Price: $5.99
Print Price: $14.95
Publisher / Imprint: Permuted Press
Publication Date: April 29, 2014
Format: Trade Paperback (6×9)
Pages: 275
Genre: FIC009070 (Fiction / Fantasy / Dark Fantasy)
Cover art by Dean Samed, Conzpiracy Digital Arts



Discussion Questions

  1. Who has the best plan for survival?
  2. Is Omar under any delusion?
  3. What literary influences and/or references did you notice?
  4. If our structure broke down, what would be your contribution to keeping society going?


Karen Heuler’s stories have appeared in over 70 literary and speculative magazines and anthologies. She has published four novels and two story collections with university and small presses, and her last collection was chosen for Publishers Weekly’s Best Books of 2013 list. She has received an O. Henry award, been shortlisted for a Pushcart prize, for the Iowa short fiction award, the Bellwether award and the Shirley Jackson award for short fiction.


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