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Sightseeing is a tale of lust and art set in Paris, France. Intrigue haunts the prose where hilarity and evil arise in a twist of collaboration. Minus any personal background, a woman and a man explore one another while regarding masterpieces of fine art and the historic sites of Paris.

What People Are Saying about Sightseeing

Sightseeing, stealthily and meticulously explores Paris and art in a tale that delves into questions of personal choice and identity with a knowing immediacy that has us questioning our own perceptions and views of art and storytelling.

Ed Meek, author of Luck, What We Love and Spy Pond

A mystery woman lures a willing stranger into a fantasy world where time is fluid, and art informs life. With its noir intrigue reminiscent of French new age cinema and its masterful prose, this remarkable novella will keep you guessing.

Alexis Rhome Fancher, author of Enter Here and Junkie Wife

Onofrey's prose has a mannered veneer that is made strange, made fascinating by how exacting and mysterious it is. Fans of Kazuo Ishiguro, or Dead Ringers-era David Cronenberg, here's a book for you.

Alex Higley, author of Old Open

Publisher’s Information

<li><b>PUBLISHER:</b> Clash Books</li>
<li><b>ISBN:</b> 978-1944866440</li>
<li><b>DIMENSIONS:</b> 5x0.3x8 inches</li>
<li><b>PAGES:</b> 124]</li>
<li><b>PRICE:</b> $12.95</li>
<li><b>RELEASE DATE:</b> 05/14/2019</li>
<li><b><a href=";pf_rd_r=0AY9PFD10BHF94TSSDW7" target="blank">PURCHASE HERE</a></b></li>

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Discussion Questions for Sightseeing

About MichaelOnofrey

Michael Onofrey grew up in Los Angeles. Currently he lives in Japan. Over ninety of his short stories have appeared in journals and magazines. Seven stories have been anthologized. A novel, "Bewilderment," was published by Tailwinds Press in 2017.

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