SURVEY: Effectiveness and Outcomes for Female and Minority Writing Program Students

SURVEY: Effectiveness and Outcomes for Female and Minority Writing Program Students

Thank you for taking this survey. In this survey, we hope to collect qualitative and quantitative information on the value and outcomes of the educational experience of writing students in U.S. programs with an eye toward diversity and gender experiences and how programs, program leadership and program initiatives are meeting the needs of its female students and students of color. We do welcome and encourage student participation that does not meet the gender and diversity model as a contrast group.

This survey is a broad and qualitative sampling that will help us define a later and more narrowed quantitative focus with a goal toward exploring programs, conferences, and leadership demographics. Identities and emails will not be shared with program leadership. We welcome honest feedback from students/alumni at the Johns Hopkins University, M.A. in Writing Program as well as other universities.

Our intentions are to follow the valuable models given by VIDA and other such interest groups, but with a focus on active program values and diversities. We feel this is an underserved research component as any journal or group who publicly researches this initiative will come under the scrutiny and pressures of their housing university. At Eckleburg, we are certain that this research and these voices must be heard, regardless of scrutiny.

Please let your fellow students, alumni, and writing colleagues know about the survey and encourage them to participate.

Our qualitative objectives include:

  1. To gain an understanding of underlying reasons and motivations for program gender and ethnicity trends;
  2. To provide insights into why gender and ethnicity trends are currently occurring in order to generate and form hypotheses for later quantitative research;
  3. To uncover prevalent gender and ethnicity trends in thought, opinion and community so to help improve gender and ethnicity practices in core program focuses for best interest of student needs.

As a thank you for your time and shared experiences, we would like to offer you a free copy of our Eckleburg No. 18 digital issue. This issue will be loaded to your browser immediately upon clicking submit. Please be patient as the issue may take a minute or two to load, depending upon your  operating system and browser.

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