The New House

It’s not easy to transplant your life:
there’s no seed you could water in that foreign garden,
no plant that can be repotted to carry on the flair
of domestic bliss in your window box.
Even the cat you brought isn’t your cat anymore
but a ghost of your former home,
reminding you of what you’ve lost
every time it runs
across the new road.

Denisa.VitovaDenisa Vítová was born in 1995 in the Czech Republic but left at the age of fourteen. She currently lives in Switzerland where she has discovered her passion for writing poems. Although she speaks Czech at home and German at school, she tends to create in English only. Poetry has become her tool to overcome any cultural boundaries and to connect with people from all over the world. Denisa Vítová won the Cape Farewell Poetry Challenge and was published in the Vademecum Magazine.


Denisa Vitova