Eckleburg’s Adopt a Writer/Artist Program Is a Great Success!

Mime artist collecting money in a hatWe are excited to announce that our new Eckleburg Adopt a Writer/Artist Program has been a great success at The Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Review. Readers have individually made gifts from $10 to $100 per short story, poem, creative nonfiction and more. Each time a gift is made, the individual participating contributor makes 60% of the gift, deposited into his or her PayPal account in seconds! Eckleburg absorbs the PayPal fees.

At Eckleburg, our editors are also writers, authors and artists, and it is our wish and honor to pass along such unprecedented commissions to our contributors. Signing up is super easy and secure. Contributors simply provide their preferred PayPal email and we do the rest. Neither Eckleburg nor the reader has access to any contributor financial information at anytime, which is the beauty of using PayPal. Once signed up, any gifts made through the contributor’s page will immediately attribute 60% of the gift directly to the contributor’s PayPal account in a secure transaction that completes within seconds. (First time gifts made through a contributor’s page may take a few hours for processing.) Literally, our contributors have made anywhere from $6 to $60 in single reader donations.

Please spread the word of Eckleburg’s Adopt a Writer/Artist Program. Support the arts community by caring and sharing.


Rae Bryant

Founder & Director, The Eckleburg Workshops
Senior Faculty, The Johns Hopkins University, M. A. in Writing Program
Founder and Editor in Chief, The Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Review
Author, The Indefinite State of Imaginary Morals

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