DIAGRAM 15.6 Now Available


And so we end our year with DIAGRAM 15.6, our 90th issue. It’s one of our favorites, too, with all kinds of new work we are excited to show you. So you can skip the pleasantries here and go straight to the issue: <http://thediagram.com/15_6>.


Or, hell, maybe you like pleasantries, or don’t enjoy Tables of Contents. So in 15.6 you’ll find: 


WORDS & IMAGES by Sara Adams, Sam Cha, J’Lyn Chapman, Jennifer S Cheng, Christopher Cokinos, Meg Cowen, Darren C Demaree, Matthew Kilbane, Sandra Gail Lambert, Kate McLean, Brian Miller, Brad Aaron Modlin, Rajiv Mohabir, Anthony J Mohr, Cameron Price, Katharine Rauk, Anne Marie Rooney, Courtney Sender, and Jenny Willoughby


Plus REVIEWS: Caitlin Barasch on Sean Bernard’s Studies in the Hereafter, Andie Francis on Annie Guthrie’s The Good Dark, JoAnna Novak on Christian Schlegel’s Honest James & Hannah Brooks-Motl’s M, and Will Cordeiro on Arseny Tarkovsky’s I Burned at the Feast


Schematics too: 

Critical Paths of Seismic Waves Sent Out from an Earthquake Focus O, in Relation to the Core Boundary and the Shadow Zone


Five-Piece Toddler Body


Local and Global Coordinates of a Typical Finite Element


Shaded Area (B) Shows Where Broken Fingers Have Been Built Up Over Metal Core or Wire


You Can Proportion A Body By Using the Chin-to-Forehead Measurement

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