Survived AWP? Score!

awesomeNow that our luggage has (finally) been unpacked, laundry (mostly) done with, our box (or rather, ah-hem, three boxes) of journals/magazines/books we had to FedEx ourselves from AWP (thank god there was a FedEx at the convention center, regardless of the hour+ wait in line) has been received and our book expo loot not only placed on our bookshelves, but organized by genre and alphabetized, we at The Doctor TJ Eckleburg Review are emailing and Facebook-friending all of you lovelies we met during the conference.

We know that AWP is a beast, so if you met us at the conference and meant to get in contact with us since then, but just haven’t had the chance to yet, you can contact us here at any time now or in the future.  And if we met you at AWP and haven’t followed up with you yet, please let us know so we can re-introduce ourselves!

And if you are reading this, then that means you’re alive. So let us congratulate you for neither overdosing on AWP-awesomeness, nor dying from AWP-induced exhaustion. Bravo!



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