Issue No. 13 | Spring 2011

MMR ANTHOLOGY 2011 — Fiction, Poetry, Art

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This is for Our Mistakes Roheeni Saxena


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SPRING 2011 CONTEST | GETUPSTANDUP (Contest Guest-edited by Laura Ellen Scott)

This Is for Our Mistakes

Roheeni Saxena

by Roheeni Saxena


You and I made a pact with Poseidon
on just another afternoon at the beach.
You said that it wouldn’t matter
what future we chose for ourselves, because though
we didn’t know what we wanted, we wanted it at all costs.

He splashed our feet as we dug into the warm sand
trying to make it to the other side of the world,
where tomorrow’s sun had already risen.

Years later, the phone rings and your voice spills
through the receiver, as we light our candles
to push out the night, together.
You say you will be here holding my hand
if it ever gets too dark for candles, and your voice
tucks me cold into bed with the bears, dreaming.



Roheeni Saxena is a young poet and writer who was born and raised in Washington, D.C. She received her first formal training as a poet at the Iowa Young Writer’s Workshop, and earned her BA from Wellesley College. She is currently living in New York City, where she is pursing a Master’s degree at Columbia University.


Chinese Translation


Think of no as a syllable. Think of yes
as a denial. Think of logic and what logic
rejects to labor. Think of hormones
that surface as moustache, the act
of shaving as dissolving discharge. A day,
a becoming, a becoming however.
Think of solitude as a lingua franca,
dawn as a tabula rasa, each of which
a new start. Start anew, abloom,
agony as actual extraordinary, not extra.
Think of hierarchies, hairs. Think
of your fibula, femur, fixated
to your spine, so we, as a flock, look alike.
Who steals whose face? Who still waits
for fate to differentiate? The nudibranch,
riparian invertebrates, aspergillus, us —
a proper pronoun, a common noun.


Nicholas YB Wong is winner of the Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition (Oct 2010) and a nominee for Best of the Net 2010 and Best of Web 2011 anthologies. His poetry is forthcoming in Assaracus: Journal of Gay Poetry, Prime Number Magazine, San Pedro River Review, Pirene’s Fountain, Third Wednesday, Lambda Literary, Mascara Literary Review, and the Sentinel Champion Series. He is currently a poetry editor at THIS Literary Magazine and a poetry reader at Drunken Boat. His first full-length poetry collection, Cities of Sameness, will be published by Desperanto.