The University of Iowa | IWP Between the Lines 2012

July 25, 2012, Eckleburg‘s Editor-in-Chief, Rae Bryant, will be presenting to The University of Iowa International Writing Program’s Between the Lines 2012, a classroom of Arabic students funded and supported by The University of Iowa. “Since 2008, the International Writing Program has hosted Between the Lines (BTL), a program that brings young writers, aged 16-19, to the University of Iowa for creative writing study and cultural interaction” (IWP | Between the Lines). The program is a fantastic opportunity for young international writers and American writers to come together and learn from each other. Rae will be sharing multimedia creative writing to students ages sixteen to nineteen to include works by prominent and foundational multimedia writers/artists.

“I am excited to share canon multimedia writers/artists, such as Dick and Hannah Higgins, Richard Kostelanetz, Ogun Afariogun, Andy Warhol , and John Cage with this bright and talented group.  The students will not only experience the American multimedia writers and artists we have come to hold up as foundational and emerging in the States,  but they will also work hands on in creating their own multimedia works to include visual and textual media. I’m not sure if there is anything more rewarding than sharing a love of Fluxus art with a group of young writers who have traveled miles and countries to study and expand their crafts. I am very honored to work with them, and I want to thank both Kecia Lynn, IWP BTL Coordinator, and James O’Brien, IWP Distance Learning Program Coordinator for their hard work in making this happen” (Rae Bryant).