Madhatter Party Fun!

A big thank you to all who came out to enjoy readings by Lisa Marie Basile and Winona Wendth, comedy by Rachel Bloom. It was a fantastic group.  Lots of fun. We look forward to doing it again. Enjoy these after event photos of D.C. touring with Lisa Marie Basile and Rachel Bloom—White House and the Exorcist Stairs, what more could you want to see in DC? More photos coming soon…

Moon Milk Review has been Sabotage-d

Check out Sabotage, edited by Claire Trévien, where reviewer Tori Truslow goes in-depth and cross issue with “Moon Milk Review: Issue 7 Vs. Issue 8.”

“…it’s clear from these two issues that MMR is onto something special, mixing entertainment and unsettlement to make a thought-provoking whole, with the prosetry competition providing a thread running from issue to issue. The multimedia aspect is bold and inviting, the contents just the right size to keep a hold on our skittish and multi-tabbed attention-spans, and its consistent interest in crossing genre and media boundaries, in things interstitial, in juxtaposition and surprise, make it an exemplary online magazine” (Tori Truslow). Read more.