Issue No. 10 | November 2010

GALLERY | Artwork Leila A. Fortier
NONFICTION | China Man Henry Tonn
COMEDY SPOTLIGHT | Funny or Die: Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel Break UpSarah Silverman & Jimmy Kimmel


A Letter to My Daughter Krishan Coupland

The Stickman’s Cages Micah Dean Hicks


Talking Through Walls Mary Christine Delea

 AmainaDavid Wolf


The Yellow Wallpaper Charlotte Perkins Gilman


OCTOBER WINNER |  Sulfur Steam Dawn Sperber (Contest Guest Edited by Vallie Lynn Watson)

NOVEMBER CONTEST | Aluminite Leila A. Fortier (Contest Guest Edited by Luke Wallin)


Issue No. 9 | October 2010

GALLERY | Artwork Francis DiClemente

SPOKEN WORD | Selected Works Edgar Oliver 

NONFICTION | Shadow Play David Cotrone

COMEDY SPOTLIGHT | Funny or Die: Protect Insurance Companies PSA Will Ferrell & Friends


Cryo Annam Manthiram

The Coal Dealer’s Wife John Minichillo

The Brewsters Laura Ellen Scott


Man with the Radio Kristine Ong Muslim


The Tell-Tale Heart (Original Work and Animated Version) Edgar Allan Poe

The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe Performed by Vincent Price

Zombie Love: Night of the Living Dead (1968) George Romero


SEPTEMBER WINNER |  The Dream of the Sheep as It Is Sheared Ruth Joffre (contest guest-edited by Ben Loory)

OCTOBER CONTEST | General Cable 7 Francis DiClemente (contest guest-edited by Vallie Lynn Watson)

Issue No. 8 | September 2010


GALLERY | Artwork Jim Fuess

COMEDY | Fuck Me Ray Bradbury Rachel Bloom 

NONFICTION | On StupidityGary Percesepe


On the Way Down: A Story for Ray Bradbury Ben Loory

Zero Dark Thirty John Emerson

Monkeys in Heaven Corey Mesler


Air: But Thou Didst Not Leave His Soul In Hell Anne Babson

Shark Geometry Anastasia Andersen

CLASSICS SERIES | A Little FableFranz Kafka


AUGUST WINNER |  Archaelology of the Present  Minal Hajratwala

SEPTEMBER CONTEST | Hands of an Artist Clarence Alford, guest edited by Ben Loory

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