Amy Soscia earned her MFA in Writing from Albertus Magnus College in New Haven, Connecticut. She has been published in Chicken Soup For The Soul: Recovering From Brain Injuries, 898 (literary journal), The Westie Imprint, Down In The Dirt Magazine, and One Hundred Voices Vol. II. She received an honorable mention in the 2015 Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Contest for her short story Driven To Distraction. Amy is currently working on her first novel entitled The Frozen Game. She can be contacted at or at

Eckleburg: What drives, inspires, and feeds your artistic work?

Amy Soscia: My writing is inspired by human drives and the dynamics and of relationships. Many people want the same things, yet go about obtaining them in such vastly different ways. The things that pull us together and push us apart influence me the most.

Eckleburg: If you had to arm wrestle a famous writer, poet or artist, either living or dead, who would it be? Why? What would you say to distract your opponent and go for the win?

Amy Soscia: The writer would be David Foster Wallace. I wish I’d had a chance to meet him and to understand his as a person while also coming away with some understanding of his drive and brilliance. I don’t think I’ll ever get over his death. To distract him, I’d turn the television on and say “Have you heard about this show?” I’m almost certain I read about how his attention could be easily lured by television, how he thought television was a huge propaganda machine, and yet, how tempting it was to sit around as a passive recipient and let one’s mind be filled by images and stories.

Eckleburg: What would you like the world to remember about you and your work?

Amy Soscia: I hope the world remembers me as a decent writer whose sense of humor was matched by her tenderness.

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