I dragged your body to our hidden place
and after my eyes dried, I took a knife and
skinned you.
It took me all night.
In the morning sun, I hung your hide to dry.
When you were tanned,
I stretched your once soft skin across my drum.
From your radial bones I fashioned hammers
so the sound of you will ring high and clear in our enemies’ ears.
I kiss you and speak a solemn vow.
I streak your blood across my eyes.
Off we march to war.

Tate.GeborkoffTate A. Geborkoff is a poet and playwright working and living in Chicago. Most recently, his poems have appeared in Curbside Splendor and Burningword Literary Journal. His plays have been produced by Step Up Productions and have been seen at the Rivendell Theatre, the Athenaeum Theatre and the Den Theatre.





Tate Geborkoff