Issue No. 6 | July 2010


COMEDY SPOT | F.O.D. Drunk History: The Collection Gabriela Romeri

GALLERY | Artwork Lex


| A Little Sweetness in the Noonday Light Jeanne Shannon

| An Archive of Manly Questions Curtis VanDonkelaar

POETRY | The Saloon Lisa Marie Basile

SLAM IT | The Way the Dizziness Comes In Shimmy Boyle

CLASSICS SERIES | Lady Lazarus Sylvia Plath (Read by Sylvia Plath)

LITERATI | The Chasing of Sylvia Plath J. Scott Hardin


APRIL WINNER | Fuchs, Felix, Anuran & Grenville Winona Wendth

JULY CONTEST | The Floating Epidemic Artwork by Lex


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The Editors