Why We Need Litmags: Everything About Publishing That They Never Tell You

“Why We Need Litmags” provides students with the tools for entering the indie publishing industry. It includes sessions on how to read a literary magazine and find the ones that “click” with your work, strategies for preparing a strong submission, exercises on writing cover letters and bios, and more. The skills developed in this workshop will help writers who want to approach editors of small book presses with their manuscripts.



  • To read literary magazines, and identify potential candidates for submission;
  • To prepare a strong submission, and create effective materials to streamline the process (e.g., cover letters, bios)
  • To engage in the literary community through reading, submitting, and conversing with editors and writers;
  • To respond to feedback in a way that creates even stronger submissions in the future!


The Fine Art of Application Writing

Thank you for joining us at The Eckleburg Workshops. This course will walk you through the basics of writing convincing and persuasive applications to fellowships, grants, and other opportunities. To begin, simply locate the course lessons at the bottom of this page.

Workshop Goals

  • To help students be strategic in the ways that they present their work, crafting applications with the grant agency’s mission and objectives in mind.
  • To help students craft unified application portfolios, in which work samples support the project proposal.
  • To help students find professional opportunities that match their interests, aesthetic, and experience level.
  • To help students become aware of resources where they can discover and research professional opportunities.
  • To help students learn how to present their work professionally and become aware of the etiquette surrounding grant, fellowship, and residency applications.

Workshop Instructor

Kristina Marie DarlingKristina Marie Darling is the author of over twenty collections of poetry. Her awards include two Yaddo residencies, a Hawthornden Castle Fellowship, and a Visiting Artist Fellowship from the American Academy in Rome, as well as grants from the Whiting Foundation and Harvard University’s Kittredge Fund. She is currently working toward both a Ph.D. in English Literature at S.U.N.Y.-Buffalo and an M.F.A. in Poetry at New York University.