Why I Would Love Paul Rudd if He Lost His Lady Hips

Paul Rudd imageBecause Paul Rudd danced a special magic dance as Paris dressed as an astronaut, his magic hand waving in the air and spreading love and fairy dust for Claire Danes an angel in Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet, the good one, before Luhrmann fucked up The Great Gatsby. Because Paul Rudd can be a sarcastic asshole to another character’s face  without getting punched, most of the time. Because in Role Models he helped the geeky kid feel good about being a “real world” role game player. Because he can wear a little more weight on his lady hips and still make you want to run your fingers through his dark curly locks. Because he made Steve Carell feel okay about being a mouse taxidermist. Because he played the creepy hot step-brother who made us all feel okay about his sister crush on Alicia Silverstone. Because of all these things, Paul Rudd, I would love you if you lost your lady hips, though, the roomy flannels and sports jackets work really well.



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