We Took a Poll & Here Are the Best Literary Journals in the World According to Our Readers, Staff and Everyone in the World Who Means Anything

we have a winner!

  1. The Paris Review. Duh. Actually, we really mean that.
  2. The New Yorker. Duh, again.
  3. Any literary journal that ever ran a review of a novel or short story collection written by one of our editors or is likely to run a review or we would really like to run a review.
  4. Any literary journal that ever ran an interview… (see #3).
  5. Any literary journal or literary journal whose editors regularly say generally or specifically nice things about our literary journal on the internet including but not limited to comments, likes, follows, love notes, sexy pictures, XOs or XXs on Facebook, Twitter….
  6. Any literary journal that is not in direct competition with our journal in our particular area and/or demographic, unless the literary journal has run nice reviews of novels or short stories written by one of our editors or has run an interview with one of our editors or unless we think the editors of that journal might run a review or interview of or with one of our editors if we mention them in our poll.
  7. Any literary journal whose editorial staff, in part or whole, has spent money or time to support or collaborate with our journal whether or not they say nasty things behind our back.
  8. Any literary journal in which one or all of our editors would really, really, really, really like to publish, in case you didn’t get that already.
  9. Any literary journal that has actually learned how to make money in some magical literary journal way and wields power like a wizard. We would like some of that. But mostly we would not want to piss them off by not mentioning them in our poll.
  10. Any literary journal that might send some love and butter our way if we mention their literary journal in our poll so that we might elevate our literary journal status through link association. Links are God.

Thank you, everyone, for your participation in this poll. We hope that your participation will be as fruitful as ours. Coming soon is our Best Literary Journal of the Net Awards, to be followed by The Best Literary Journal of the Web Awards. Stay tuned. Donations accepted.

The Editors