with painted eye koi pond
plunged into the amphitheater
with three day shadow black

rhinoceros beak like that
gnarled tongue like that
glottis stop on the verge
not like this is how
I am going to lose you but this is
how I have lost you already, now
foot in mouth macaw
with pipe cleaner bumper bar
mustachio ara militaris
thick throated m mexicana
with kind of like presumptuous
leprechaun suited cobbler
foot on crank
grasping the last
hoarding your dollars
wings hunckered
emphysematic, you
squawking about drafts
while in my imagination
el guacamayo your
spread and sweep
not like this is how
I am going to lose you
pistachio and green apple
with golden and blue rider
yoked back flying, on Sunset
panhandling and Christ like
piñatas and red or throwing
stained glass and talavera, kitchen
benches and the whole enchilada
over the rail such colors we were
now mountain valley jungle pass

Rose.HunterRose Hunter is the author of [four paths] (Texture Press 2012), and to the river (Artistically Declined Press 2010). She is from Australia originally, lived in Canada (Toronto) for ten years, and now lives in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. She keeps a photo blog at






Rose Hunter