2 Replies to “Job Interview with Renee Zellweger | Funny or Die”

  1. This is totally on point. The image of the over educated young person competing for a menial job that is not leading toward a career is funny and accurate. Rene’s character is hilarious too. The over-protective, high-strung stay at home mom type. Plus the high-maintence children and house, ugh, so sterile. This little clip says a lot about whats going on with jobs and our priorities.

  2. Agreed, Sam. This is a very humorous take on young people
    trying to find their way in our workforce. Though I also think the interviewee
    questioning “When do I start?” points to the fact that so many young
    people think they are qualified and entitled to many jobs out there. There is
    often a need to still prove skills that may be beneath what the resume reads.
    Do the coddled helmet-wearing children immediately expect great things out of
    the real world even though they may have just the degree and not the real-life
    experience? No one offers you a helmet when you enter the real world. Perhaps
    that’s not the immediate intention of the video, as it aims to open up more job
    opportunities for young people (which is a good thing), but the entitlement
    young people have when it comes to careers is certainly something else I have
    heard a lot of talk about.

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