Amy Colombo has MFAs in Photography from the University of Delaware and Creative Writing from West Virginia University. She also received a Ph.D in Media, Art, and Text from Virginia Commonwealth University.

During the Covid stay-at-home mandate she has learned how to install a bathroom vanity, a thermostat, and various light fixtures. Her next project involves replacing a smoke alarm. 

Eckleburg: What captures your interest most in your work, now, as a reader of your work?

AJ Colombo: Irony, sarcasm, and clever ways of returning back to an original idea (bringing things full circle).

Eckleburg: What are you working on now?

AJ Colombo: Everything and nothing. I have ideas (too many). I guess I’m working  on making a decision…after I install the smoke detector.

Eckleburg: Who and what are your artistic influences?

AJ Colombo: Presently…James Whistler, Martin Parr, Tony Ray-Jones, David Shrigley, Lydia Davis…. This changes on an hourly basis.

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