WARNING: MA & Mindblowing | Reading Rosalind Krauss by The Size Queens


Very excited to announce: The Size Queens will be premiering their new album Consumption Work at The Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Review, on election day. Rick Moody, our judge for the 2013 Gertrude Stein Award in Fiction says this about The Size Queens’ album, Magic Dollar Shoppe (2008): “I found myself just absolutely stunned by the album. Just stunned. It’s absolutely one of my favorite albums of the last year.” Mary Gaitskill says: “The Size Queens are double-sized or rather double-sided, I mean to say that they have double vision and double hearts. They are playful and serious, sparkling and sludgy, cruel, kind, capacious, intensely private and alone.” Haunting with sociopolitical resonance that takes the listener back to Dylan, Lennon, Bowie, Velvet Underground, Costello… The Size Queens will twist your synapse and you will thank them for it. Eckleburg loves The Size Queens and their new album, Consumption Work. We think you will, too.

The Size Queens derived its name from the early Bush/Cheney years, ruminating on crass American exceptionalism, the promise of “immeasurable” satisfactions through shopping and the mindless boast of phallic leadership and military might. “Consumption Work” continues to paint a portrait of an unsettled globe, unsustainable, environmentally wrecked, economically and triumphantly returning to migrants and dust bowls. Perhaps only working out its ultimate destiny, one entirely removed of the basic requirements for life, yet filled with mass produced goods, self-service pavilions, and the terrible narcissistic need to be heard. Players include: Mike Carnahan, Carlos Forster, Adam Klein, Hannah Marcus, Michael Mullen, Danny Pearson, and Wally Sound.

Matt Levin