Issue No. 3 | April 2010

Author Talk | Molly Gaudry


| Paintings by Steven Archer

| Music by Ego Likeness


| Traxia by Michelle Reale


| Sketch #1 by Serena Tome

Prosetry Contest

| The Clock of Celestial Objects and Phenomena


| From We Take Me Apart by Molly Gaudry

| The Tree by Steven Schutzman

| Sondern als ein Mensch by Berrien C. Henderson

| How to Count the Rings of a Tree by Lee Minh Sloca

| Boots by Kenneth Radu

Issue No. 2 | March 2010

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Author Talk

  • Richard Kostelanetz


  • Openings by Richard Kostelanetz
  • Musical Selections from John Cage, LaMonte Young and Velvet Underground


  • One Veers Always Towards the Precipice of Familiarity by Colin James

Prosetry Contest

  • The Scrutiny Chair


| The Bored Madonna Megan Ayers

| Train Stops at Khaari Ajay Vishwanathan

| Monster by Luke Wallin