Joel gives me a Polaroid of the house we live in now

Daffodils blooming under the white windowsill;
glassy light of early evening, just the right amount of blur
and bright petal. We’re doing spring in all yellows
this time around. Softening our edges.
We know this season has seconds to develop
into the moment we want to keep it by—that house,
that weather, that love. I put it in the back pocket
of my journal and already I know the feeling
of my future self, reaching into the journal,
pulling out the picture, remembering this.


Esther McPhee is a genderqueer writer, magic-maker and collective organizer, who lives in a cozy collective house and reads a lot of kids books. They hold an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia and co-organize a queer reading series on unceded Coast Salish land. A Thousand Kinds of Thirst, their handmade collection of poetry, was stitched together in the summer of 2012.


Esther McPhee