One on One Workshops: Collections, Novels, Novellas, Memoirs & More, publishing and motivation can be daunting for writers. It can all seem like a mammoth undertaking and publishing markets can seem like giant faceless entities. At Eckleburg’s One on One Workshops our focus is to help you find your inner sensei so to polish your writing projects, create new works, stay focused and motivated on craft and seeking publication.

Whether you are new to your craft or have an MFA and are looking for someone to motivate you toward your best work, we will custom design a One on One Workshop for you that will bring out your organic talents with direct and individualized feedback. With your chosen instructor’s individualized craft and editorial direction, you will not only publish your current work, you will have a better idea of your organic voice, strengths and needs so to make future works the best they can be. Instructors are not only published in their focus areas, but also have editorial experience asa well. At Eckleburg’s One on One Workshops, we care about the long term success of you and your writing. Join us and give your craft and writing projects the attention they deserve.

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