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10 Online Lit Mags You Should Be Reading

Moon Milk Review has been named along with a whole host of fantastic magazines, as an online journal to read, compliments of flavorwire and Chelsea Bauch. Wow! Thank you!

1. Moon Milk Review
Emphasizing imagination and individuality in both its structure and substance, Moon Milk Review is a refreshing departure from cohesion-obsessed traditional lit rags. In addition to publishing edgy short stories and poetry, each issue features a classic piece of fiction (ranging from Kafka to Plath to Gogol), a multi-media gallery that spotlights compelling artwork, comedy, performance, and music, as well as a monthly “prosetry” contest with a rotating guest judge. (Chelsea Bauch, flavorwire)

We are so very honored and humbled to be named along with Blip Magazine, PANK, kill author, Bartleby Snopes, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Exquisite Corpse, decomP, Twelve Stories, anderbo.comShortlist Press, FailbetterAnnalemma, Opium Magazine, and The Collagist. To be listed among such fantastic magazines and to be working among so many more fabulous print and online periodicals out and about, many of them doing it much longer than we have, brings home the reason we do this, community geared toward unleashing talent. Truly, we try not to leash or choke or medicate. It is our mission to let the mad dogs run, balls hanging, teeth bared. We are the sum of our artistic parts and would be nothing without the fine works so many writers and artists have shared with us. They are the standouts here, because quite literally, our mission is to bring together what we perceive to be the most kick ass talents we encounter, mix ’em all up, make ’em issue pretty then try to stay out of the way as much as possible. We take our hats off to our contributors! You all are the magic in Moon Milk. (Cue toast and tears and cheek to cheek kisses). Clink.

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