WEEK 8 | Spring Break: No Class (Optional Short Short Writing Assignment)


Optional Short Short Writing Assignment

This week we are on Spring Break. Take this time to catch up on lynda.com “textbook” viewing/reading and revising your intermedia works created to date. In addition to this, you are welcome to write an optional short short textual work for inclusion in your end of course intermedia portfolio. Follow the steps below:

  • Using your intermedia work located above, or any other intermedia work you have completed to date in this course, write a short short work of no more than 1000 words. This work may be fiction, poetry, essay or textual hybrid–i.e. a cross between fiction and poetry–but it must be all textual. The work can be traditional or innovative in its textual aesthetic. (If you have not taken Short Short Fiction or Hybrid Forms with me in program or at The Eckleburg Workshops and have not studied short shorts in program yet, and do not feel confidant writing in this form, feel free to write a scene or vignette, but the work must be inspired by an intermedia work you’ve created in this course);
  • Save this short short work in your dropbox folder;
  • Continue to edit this work independently throughout the semester for inclusion in your final intermedia portfolio submission. (The piece will be assessed on a completion basis rather than qualitative basis, so don’t feel like it must be perfect, though, it should be revised to the level expected in any program workshop–i.e. clean formatting, attention to mechanics, readable. It should not be a first draft. The benefit of completing this optional writing assignment is that you will receive individualized feedback on the piece, included in your Intermedia Portfolio instructor feedback).



  • DUE DATE: End of semester, same due date as your intermedia portfolio due date to be announced soon.
  • CONTACT: Please make sure to contact me directly with any questions regarding assignments and technology. rae@raebryant.com. The fastest way to reach me is by text at 301-514-2380. The below question/discussion area is  for student and lesson interaction. I won’t be checking it everyday. There is also a FAQs section that covers a good deal of information.