THANKSGIVING | The Thanksgiving Grocery List

*This recipes given in this workshop are all adapted from The Prudhomme Family Cookbook: Old Louisiana Recipes. If you plan to cook all three recipes, below is a grocery shopping list broken down by sections to help your grocery shopping and Thanksgiving preparations go more easily.

Veggies: If you are adapting recipes for vegetarian options, replace meat-based stocks and so on with Knorrs vegetable stock, portobello mushrooms (for the andouille stuffing) and dried porcini mushrooms to make the dressing and gravy richer. I suggest using porcini powder as flavor for many things. Porcini mushrooms are excellent for their rich, near meaty flavor. If you use porcini mushrooms, I suggest buying them dried and then grinding them in a coffee bean grinder until they are small dusty granules. This “porcini powder” is my secret ingredient for many dishes and always adds a gorgeous, rich flavor that echoes the richness of a chicken or beef stock mixed with wine or fino. It is altogether vegan friendly and absolutely delicious.


The Grocery List


Dry Seasonings

Bottles of salt, white pepper, cayenne, dry mustard, dried thyme, sweet paprika, cayenne, herbs de provence, bay leaves, cinnamon, nutmeg


15 red onions, 1 bag of green onion, 2 bags of celery, 8 green bell peppers, at least 4 cloves of garlic, 3 eggplants, 6 large sweet potatoes for gravy, many sweet potatoes for baking and serving halved with condiments for individual diners to fix their sweet potatoes sweet or savory, red potatoes for mashing (depending on how many people you have coming, I make troughs of these), fresh tarragon, fresh thyme, fresh rosemary

*Vegetarians: Add additional bell pepper or cooking squashes for stuffing with your portobello/porcini stuffing.


Bag of fresh cranberries, oranges, fresh pomegranate


Turkey, of course, 2 1/2 pounds andouille sausage, 5 pounds chicken wings/backs/sticks

*Vegetarians: Replace the andouille with portobello mushrooms and pick up dried porcini mushrooms. I keep a second coffee bean grinder that I use to grind only my porcini mushrooms into a porcini powder, a fantastic ingredient for many meat and vegetarian dishes.


Box of Margarine, Box of Unsalted Butter, Canister Whipped Cream, Sour creme for sweet potatoes

Baking Aisle

Vegetable Oil, dark brown sugar, white sugar


Don’t forget the pumpkin pie and whipped cream. My daughter likes vanilla bean ice cream with her pumpkin pie and so I’m adding it here, too. 🙂


French bread loafs for the table, French bread crumbs


Eggnog, mango orange juice


Dry white wine, Grand Marnier, fino, spiced rum (for the eggnog if your family and friends like to begin eggnog early in the season)