Lesson No. 4: Your Characters Meet

Now the characters meet. In this final character development lesson, you are not only going to flesh your three lesson characters out further, you are going to make them personal to you. We will not be completing a schematic arc this week. You will use the schematic arcs from the first three weeks for this final lesson below. 

Assignment: Narrative Exploration 

  1. Choose a setting in the city or town in which you live. You must know this location well and have visited it several times or plan to visit it during the course of this lesson.
  2. Review your protagonist, antagonist and supporting character schematic arcs as well as narrative explorations. 
  3. Now, write a 1000 word or less scene/story in which your three characters visit and interact in your chosen setting

You might find that this character narrative will become part of the longer work, or you may find it will not. Either way, writing this character narrative is essential to knowing your characters and their relationships better in narrative form, and this will help you revise your characters to have depth and breadth in the longer work. 1000 words. This word count is firm.


Submit for Individualized Feedback

Please use Universal Manuscript Guidelines when submitting: .doc or .docx, double spacing, 10-12 pt font, Times New Roman, 1 inch margins, first page header with contact information, section breaks “***” or “#.”


In the comments section below, describe your favorite character of the three lessons. Why? You might find that your protagonist wants to be the antagonist and vice versa. Or that your supporting character wants to be the protagonist, etc. Let yourself and your narrative follow the lead of your characters.