Paul the Prognosticating Octopus Selects Spain Over Germany (

Octopus Paul fixes the spanish box during his oracel for the semifinal match at the World Cup in South Africa between Germany and Spain in the SeaLife Aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany, Tuesday, July 6, 2010. Paul predicted all German matches during the World Cup 100 procent right. Octopus oracle Paul is predicting Germany will be defeated by Spain at the World Cup semifinal. Sea Life Aquarium’s spokesman Daniel Fey said Tuesday that the famous mollusk from Oberhausen chose a mussel from a glass tank marked with a Spanish flag, while ignoring the tank marked with the German colors – indicating a Spanish victory in Wednesday’s semifinal. (AP Photo/dapd/Mark Keppler) Original Filename: Germany_Soccer_WCup_Octopus_Oracle_MKR103.jpg