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Gargoyle Magazine has always been a scallywag magazine, a maverick magazine, a bit too academic for the underground and way too underground for the academics. We are a writer’s magazine in that we are read by other writers and have never worried about reaching the masses.

Contributors have included: Kathy Acker, Kim Addonizio, Sherman Alexie, Nin Andrews, Roberta Allen, Naomi Ayala, Toby Barlow, Lisa Marie Basile, Lucia Berlin, Bill Beverly, Mary Biddinger, Michelle Brafman, Sophy Burnham, Monica Byrne, Dana Cann, Rachel Cantor, Tom Carson, Nick Cave, Kelly Cherry, Kim Chinquee, Wanda Coleman, Ann Downer, John Dufresne, Rita Dove, Cornelius Eady, Eurydice, Ed Falco, Angela Featherstone, Suzanne Feldman, Thalia Field, Thaisa Frank, Abby Frucht, Roxane Gay, Jaimy Gordon, James Grady, Myronn Hardy, Reginald Harris, Lola Haskins, Richard Hell, Nancy Hightower, Nik Houser, Dave Housley, Laird Hunt, Wayne Karlin, Jascha Kessler, Matthew Kirkpatrick, Robert Kloss, Dylan Landis, Gerry LaFemina, Louise Wareham Leonard, Marti Leimbach, Nathan Leslie, Peter Tieryas Liu, Pat MacEnulty, Mary Mackey, Michael Martone, Teresa Milbrodt, Gloria Mindock, Rick Moody, Susan Neville, Lance Olsen, Toby Olson, Leslie Pietrzyk, Meg Pokrass, Pedro Ponce, Nani Power, Kit Reed, Doug Rice, Martin Seay, Gregg Shapiro, Amber Sparks, Emma Straub, Terese Svoboda, Elizabeth Swados, Eleanor Ross Taylor, Susan Tepper, Venus Thrash, Angel Threatt, Lee Upton, Katharine Weber, Tim Wendel, Paul West, Paula Whyman, Mary-Sherman Willis, D. Harlan Wilson, Bill Wolak, Lidia Yuknavitch, Mary Kay Zuravleff, and many more.
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The Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Review was founded in 2010 as an online and print literary and arts journal. We take our title from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby and include the full archives of our predecessor Moon Milk Review. Our aesthetic is eclectic, literary mainstream to experimental. We appreciate fusion forms including magical realist, surrealist, meta- realist and realist works with an offbeat spin. We value character-focused storytelling and language and welcome both edge and mainstream with punch aesthetics. We like humor that explores the gritty realities of world and human experiences. Our issues include original content from both emerging and established writers, poets, artists and comedians such as authors, Rick Moody, Cris Mazza, Steve Almond, Stephen Dixon, poets, Moira Egan and David Wagoner and actor/comedian, Zach Galifianakis.