Io Sono

Monica Marioni was born near Treviso in 1972, but moved to the area of Vicenza when she was still very young, and here she still lives several months a year. She instinctively approached art during her studies, enrolling at the Vicenza Institute of Art; nevertheless, she obtained a degree in statistical sciences because of her passion for mathematics, a science in which she has found ample space for creativity. She spent several years in a large industrial group, thereby developing strong ties with certain materials and the types of manipulation functional to them.

In 2005 she began to devote herself to a full-time art career and started to translate her matherical attitude in the dense material nature of her first abstract works, created on the most disparate supports, with a wealth of strong juxtapositions between metals, plastics, earth and resins, which she commanded through an intense manual action of selection and transformation.  Her work has been shown in Venice, Washington DC, Miami, Lima, Rome, and Capri, and she was the recipient of the First Prize of the Fiorino d’Oro for Painting in Florence, Italy.

Her project IO SONO is about the “inner side” of life, where neuroses and illnesses of the soul, usually elusive, take exact form in HD digital images. Conversely, in REBUS she represents the “outer side” drawing and painting, like in a comic strip, the story of a woman’ life, meetings and episodes ironically filtered and distorted by the memory of the experience.