Inspect the Heart. L Ann Dulin. The Eckleburg Gallery.

Music and Film: “The Antikythera Mechanism” by BT

Inspect the Heart. Lisa Ann Dulin. The Eckleburg Gallery. 2014.
Temporal Intermedia. Lisa Dulin. The Eckleburg Gallery. 2014.

The Johns Hopkins University
M. A. in Writing Program
Hybrid Forms

Fall 2014Portfolio

Artist’s Statement: Inspect the Heart is a project that has been the culmination of my greatest passions: feathers and freedom, the alien reptile mind of birds as a stand-in for othered humanity, the juxtaposition of the clinical and the magical, breakable youth, healed again. Transparency in transparency, truth within fact. I say it is a culmination of my obsessions, but this piece is the focal point through which the rest of a project will spin itself out.

Materials: X-ray of a newly hatched bird with wings outspread, one leg broken and set, over the redacted text of an autopsy textbook describing how to autopsy the heart.
L Ann Dulin

L Ann Dulin is a writer of genre and midwestern gothic, a midwestern transplant into the mid-atlantic.  She’s gigged in multiple bands, drawn a comic book, performed in countless shows in a theatre downtown, been in three different movies (none of which you’re likely to have seen), recorded an album, painted a mural, written a book, and… that might actually be it. She’s an assistant editor for The Doctor TJ Eckleburg Review. Her intermedia work has been part of the Rue de Fleurus Reading series in DC, Baltimore, and NYC.