Moon Milk Review: Issue 5

Moon Milk Review

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Issue 5 | Britt Gambino • Nikolai Gogol • Russell Jaffe • Tom Larsen
Penelope L. Mace • Rob Pierce

Gallery | Neila Mezynski and Flight of the Conchords

Barrelhouse Presents Moon Milk Review–Coming This September

If you’ve not heard, the fine gents at Barrelhouse are rolling out the presentation carpet,  but don’t let us tell you about it. Hear it straight from the Barrelhouse mouth: “The series will showcase readers representing literary magazines and small presses we love, bringing new voices to the DC scene and introducing you to the best that indie lit has to offer.” 

Don’t miss the upcoming Barrelhouse Presents night—Thursday, June 17th at 7 pm—with Baltimore’s Publishing Genius and Narrow House. Head on over to The Wonderland Ballroom!

Flight of the Conchords!!! at …

Flight of the Conchords!!! at