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Part of the Darkness
Poems by David J. Rothman

Entasis Press, 2013

Part of Darkness by David J. Rothman
What impresses one first about David J. Rothman is his immense imaginative and intellectual range, but the more one reads his striking and exuberant poetry the more deeply one feels its emotional force and quiet but genuine ferocity. He is an Apollonian touched by the divine madness of Dionysus. Diverse, demanding, and delightful, his poems abundantly reward the reader’s attention. Dana Gioia

You’ve never read a book like this one, crackling with comedy and drama, colloquial, breezy and bitingly Byronic. Here we find characters including God, a Demon, a Muse, and a hero, an ordinary modern man. We have a vital panoply of good and evil served up by a poet of cultivated earthiness, “Mud mixed with wonder.” Even in the face of suffering, David Rothman dares us to “live large. Go big. Get tough.” Here is an abundance and energy rarely seen in contemporary poetry. David Mason


David MasonDavid J. Rothman lives in Colorado with his wife and two sons. He is the Director of the Poetry Concentration with an Emphasis on Versecraft in the MFA program at Western State Colorado University and also teaches at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Denver University, and Lighthouse Writers Workshop in Denver. He is the author of four other volumes of poetry, the editor of a poetry anthology, and a co-author of a volume of criticism.


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