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Mickey Darr Shea is actually a squirrel in human form. He’s managed to not only learn how a computer works, but has also written and published flash fiction stories in AlienSkinMagazine as well as The NewerYork. Did he mention he likes squirrels? That weird chattering sound coming from a human…that’s him…saying he likes squirrels like a squirrel.


Chelsey Clammer
Chelsey Clammer is an award-winning essayist who has been published in The Rumpus, Essay Daily, The Water~Stone Review and Black Warrior Review among many others. She is the Essays Editor for The Nervous Breakdown. Her first collection of essays, BodyHome, was released from Hopewell Publishing in Spring 2015. Her second collection of essays, There Is Nothing Else to See Here, is forthcoming from The Lit Pub. You can read more of her writing at