Spirit of Writing: Explore Your Authentic Voice

“Spirit of Writing” is a gentle introduction to the identity and declaration of being a professional writer, in a style designed to fire confidence and confirm a practice. No matter what level you have written to, no matter how long you have waited and no matter if you are starting again after a setback, you will finish with new belief in yourself and serious respect for what you bring to the table with your pen.



  • To identify and read exemplary works as a foundational study to creating your own;
  • To generate new drafts of work;
  • To provide critical feedback on work so you can revise and make it as strong as it can be;
  • To help you further strengthen your knowledge of form and to provide you with the environment to better understand your individual voice so you can apply this to future works;
  • To help you learn and improve on the techniques of writing and self-editing so that you are aware of your preferred forms and boundaries and be able to consider how you might push your preferred forms into your best craft.



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