Pork Salt

Kay Cosgrove

by Kay Cosgrove


They still slice them open, that hasn’t changed, but now

instead of grass: cages             instead of sex, only the scent of sex
to get the lady pigs ready
for the plastic insert and     motherhood.

I learned this from Ira Glass via Netflix via John’s subscription

last night about midnight and now                        well, it’s there, isn’t it? I can’t remove

the facts from my brain with some tiny tweezers the housedoctor for the dollhouse has

in his doll-bag. His midnight

calls are becoming more and more frequent as the lady of the house readies

to give birth to a new, precious piggy.



Kay Cosgrove work has appeared in journals such as Zone 3, Caper Literary Journal, Scrambler, Autumn Sky Poetry and Verse Wisconsin. She is a first-year doctoral student in the University of Houston’s Creative Writing Program.