Drunk History: The Collection

Sure, pyrotechnics are nice, and a brilliant use for gunpowder. But to properly celebrate our Nation’s Independence Day, one needs nothing more than some Founding Fathers and large, unhealthy amounts of booze.

No one saw this more clearly than Derek Waters, who got his friends completely drunk to better interpret the nuances of our country’s birth. To travel back, we must go through F.O.D., or Funny Or Die, the comedy site co-created by the honorable Will Ferrell, who may save our country yet (we here have great hopes for Willy, and are grateful that he should rise up and lead the Rescue Party).

As tribute to our ideals and our livers, Moon Milk Review has collected the entire Drunken History series, to date. It will ease the hangover of this grand experiment, and make you want to drink again. Or not.


Drunk History Vol. VI: Tesla and Edison

John C. Reilly plays Nikola Tesla, father of Western Technology and “Electric Jesus,” who battles passively against Thomas Edison, played solemnly by Crispin Glover. Derek Waters, a six pack of beer and a bottle of absinthe present: Drunk History Vol. 6.

”I am inventing electricity and you look like an asshole.”  –Nikola Tesla, as retold by a sometimes vomiting Duncan Trussell



Drunk History Vol. V: Abe Lincoln and Frederick Douglass

Fredrick Douglass, played by ladies man Don Cheadle, befriends Abe Lincoln, played by eternal optimist Will Ferrell, and teaches him some manners. As a result, our entire nation was freed. Why? Because—

“Lincoln wasn’t a douche-bag.” –Jen Kirkman and two bottles of wine


Drunk History Vol. IV: Harrison, 9th President

The little-known story of William Henry Harrison, as played by Paul Schneider, while channeling Steve Martin. How our ninth president, 68 years old, died after 30 days in office as a result of bluster and malpractice. The moral? “Don’t elect an old guy.”

“I need to show the people I am a strong dude.”
––William Henry Harrison

“These snakes will make you all better.”
––Harrison’s doctors, as retold by J.D. Ryznar, vodka, and beer, on Mother’s day


Drunk History Vol. III: Oney Judge and George Washington

Oney Judge was a slave to George and Martha Washington. She escaped, and Washington, played by Danny Mcbride, was kind of a dick about it. Of course, they blamed the French. Oney had to take refuge in the woods for 30 years, but she and her children lived free.

“What the fuck, we gave this girl the best life we could. What the fuck.”  – George and Martha Washington

“I have no regrets, because my freedom doesn’t come from the government. My freedom comes from God.” –Jen Kirkman, passionately honoring Oney, despite hiccups from a bottle and a half of wine


Drunk History Vol. 2.5: Franklin’s Favorite Pastime  

Benjamin Franklin, played by Jack Black, is quite the politician when it comes to the bedroom. He campaigns relentlessly for his friend’s wife.

“Ben Franklin liked to fuck.” –Eric Falconer, Benjamin Franklin expert, and more vodka cranberries


Drunk History Vol. II: Franklin, Electricity, and the Bastard Son

Jack Black plays a mean Ben Franklin; watch his controversial parenting techniques as he discovers electricity, aided by William Franklin, his bastard son.

“William, you are my bastard son. Get a kite.”
–Benjamin Franklin

“William Franklin was a dick.” –Eric Falconer, some vomit, and 8 vodka cranberries


Drunk History Vol. I:  Alexander Hamilton Duels Aaron Burr

During the third presidency of our nation, a dark triangle formed between Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, and Thomas Jefferson. There could be only one. Or two.  Michael Cera plays a convincing Alexander Hamilton, during his doomed duel with Aaron Burr. Gagliardi, with a bucket nearby, after a bottle of scotch, making drunk history.

“Hey, you’re giving me shit. We gotta duel.”
–Aaron Burr

“I’m too drunk to keep going. But Hamilton won, even though he was killed.” –Mark Gagliardi, bucket nearby, after a bottle of scotch, making drunk history



Gabriela Romeri is an editor for ICF International (formerly, Macro International), working mainly in the field of humanitarian research. She has written for local rags and trade journals in the MD, DE and DC area, and is right now finishing an M.A. in creative writing and literature at Johns Hopkins and an M.F.A. in screenwriting and film studies at Hollins U. You can find her fiction in the most recent riverbabble and upcoming in Gargoyle Magazine. Ms. Romeri is a neurotic political junkie who hopes to change the world, but may have to settle for taking her meds.

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Gabriela Romeri
Gabriela Romeri, originally from Argentina, is a bilingual writer and editor for Maryknoll magazines and an assistant editor for The Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Review. She has an MA in creative writing and literature from Johns Hopkins and studied screenwriting and film studies at Hollins University. @0G13

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  1. glad these are all in one place. lincoln/douglas won a sundance award to boot!

  2. When Rae told me that Eckleburg already posted the Drunk History videos, I had to go back into the Moon Milk Review archives to see for myself. It’s raw hilarity, with actors like Michael Cera, Will Ferrell, and Jack Black like you have never seen them before. I didn’t even find out about these until recently, too. With more videos like this, maybe with a little less vomit, I bet we could get some history to stick with more people.

  3. A friend actually brought all of these up the other night during half-time. High-larious! Though, it is quite disconcerting that the only way that my B.A. sounds cool; or attracts any type of attention from anyone is when it’s preceded by “drunk.”

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