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  1. This makes me so sick. Men are the problem indeed. As a man I’m ashamed of any other man that acts violently toward anyone. Its so true that violence has a gender, and that gender is male. It comes in many forms. My friend is in a theater play right now in Silver Spring, last night was the opening, after the show there was a party, they all had a great time, and left for the night. one of the other actors while trying to hail a cab was jumped by 4 men and beaten so badly that they shattered his cheek bone and he is now in the hospital in intensive care. He said he would’ve just handed over his money, but these guys wanted to inflict pain, its a power trip…

  2. In another one of his videos he kept saying, “I’m magnificent.” I was thinking, “No, you’re a cliche. The eighties was full of movies about sexually frustrated teens, just like you, who would do anything to get laid. The only difference is those kids ended up actually learning stuff about themselves and human relationships. You, well, you will never learn anything now, and neither will your victims.”

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