AWP 2018: Eckleburg Will Not Be Attending

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Meakin Armstrong (Guernica)


We are so sorry to announce that Eckleburg will not be attending AWP this year. We simply don’t have the budget for it. We were really looking forward to supporting our authors and their books from a diverse number of fantastic publishers at the book fair and hope to catch up with them next year. It has been our pleasure to spread the word of their good works in 2017.

We have alerted all the authors who signed up. We did receive a few donations for the book fair and have refunded each one to those authors. We are so grateful for each and every Eckleburg contributor, their community interest and generosity and regret that we were not able to meet the costs of AWP this year. 

We encourage other literary journals to offer their contributors a similar author signing opportunity this year at their tables and booths, whether or not the contributor’s book was printed in house. It was truly wonderful to open our Eckleburg booth to so many fantastic books from a diverse array of publishers, and it was an easy way to support our contributors while also hanging out with them for a little while. It made our book fair experience exceptional, worth every penny we spent on our booth. It also brought more writers and readers into our community for which we are grateful. Spreading the love of lit and books is what it’s all about, right?

We wish you all — Eckleburg contributors, readers, fellow journals and editors — the best in your journeys to Florida. We are honored to be part of your writing community, and we will look forward to seeing you next year. We will send out announcements for our AWP Author Signings, hopefully, later this year for 2019. If you would like to help us with that, just consider subscribing below. It’s only 5 bucks a month for some really talented words by some really talented writers. And we’ll love you forever. 

All our best,



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